Community Guidelines

Effective March 29, 2020


Applies everywhere on

  1. No NSFW content anywhere.
  2. Do not post malicious or disturbing content.

    • Remote access trojans
    • Keyloggers
    • Crypto miners
    • Adware
    • Etc
  3. No harassment.

    • Posting on someone's wall or forum thread just to annoy them.
  4. Do not attempt to drive people away from WeAreDevs' products or services.

    You are free to advertise content so long as it does not compete with WeAreDevs.

  5. No spamming.

    • Duplicate forum threads.
    • Duplicate wall posts.
    • Unncessary forum replies.
  6. Do not be toxic.

    • Being disrespectful for no reason is unacceptable.
    • Trolling.
    • Flooding.
    • Help vampires (Use the search bar/Google before you ask).
    • Defamation.
    • Causing petty drama.
    • Respect the privacy of others.
  7. No evasion of any kind.


Applies to the forums under any category

  1. Post threads in their corresponding forum.
  2. Replies should be related to the thread.
  3. Do not inappropriately mention members.
    • No spam mentions
  4. Associate forums with it's category. E.g disputes under the marketplace category should be related to settlements in the marketplace.
  5. Understand that the forum is community operated. Not all threads are guaranteed a replied. Especially the repeat threads.
  6. Utilize the search bar. If your topic has already been discussed several times, it may be deleted.


  1. Positive reputation is to represent good opinions on the user.
  2. Negative reputation is to represent negative opinions on the user.
  3. Negative reputation is to be accompanied by a good reason.

    • Don't negative rep someone just because they disagree with your opinion.
    • No payback reputation.
  4. Do not participate in negative bulk repping a user.

Sub-Forum Notes

Notes for creating threads in each forum (To be replaced with pinned threads long in the future)

WeAreDevs - Suggestions

Threads pertaining to website recommendations belong here. Recommendations for exploits are not welcome in this forum, but they can be posted to the exploits forum. You may post requests like to fix a certain bug or your opinion on what can be improved/added on the website's interface.

WeAreDevs - Discussion

Aka the "others" forum. General discussion belong here if it does not fit in another forum.

WeAreDevs - Complaints

Threads related to WeAreDevs product/service complaints belong here. You may report members on the forum as a whole here. Noticed an unacceptable issue in an exploit created by WeAreDevs? Post it here. Some exploits such as Proxo or Furk OS are not made by WeAreDevs.

Exploiting - Roblox

Threads related to the exploitation of Roblox games belong here. This is not limited to dedicated game cheat software. You may even share a weird glitch you found on Jailbreak. Complaints regarding exploit software not made by WeAreDevs may be shared here, though they may not be addressed. You may advertise your own exploits here. Exploits made using the WeAreDevs API are very much welcome.

Exploiting - Scripts

You may share or ask for Roblox Lua scripts here. They should be related to exploits. Known scripts may be discussed.

Exploiting - Lua, C++, C#, Javascript, PHP

These forums are for the coding language as named. Feel free to ask your coding questions or share valuable information. You may advertise content like your your coding YouTube tutorials here. You may share code snippets or show off projects here.

ETC - Normal Sellers

Attempt to sell any service you feel like. Whether it be GFX, game scripting, limited item selling, or YouTube video editing. This is limited only to sellers. Do not posting threads mentioning you are looking for a service. Those belong in Marketplace - Discussion.


All things dispute related. E.g settling a scamming in the marketplace, asking for reputation forgivement, ban appeals from an alt, etc.

Marketplace - Discussion

You may share that you are looking for a specific service. General marketplace discussion is welcome as well. You may talk about how certain markets are getting saturated.