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Debug Library:

getupvalue, getupvalues, sethook, getmetatable, gethook, setmetatable, serlocal, traceback, setfenv, getinfo, setupvalue, getlocal, getregistry, and getfenv

Instance Caching:

Enables the ability to run scripts with this requirement, such as Dex Explorer

Bit Library:

Run obfuscated scripts which need the bit lib

Write File:

Writes a file in Workspace as required by certain scripts, such as storing settings

Read File:

Lets the exploit read files contained in the Workspace folder

To Clipboard:

Copy content to your clipboard

Get Clipboard:

Returns copied content on your clipboard

And more - setreadonly, getrawmetatable, setreadonly, issetreadonly, rawgeti, rawseti, wrap, getobjects, gethttp, downloadstring, http post, move mouse, getupvalues, getreg, get renv, set renv, is closure, setrawmetatable, keypress, runsecure, createconsole, writelog

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Skisploit a virus?

No. Any flag/detections made by anti-malware programs are false positives(incorrect) due to the nature of exploitation.

Why can't I run Skisploit?

Some anti-malware programs will block Skisploit because it thinks it is malicious. You will need to find and disable the firewall blocking the software.

Why do I need a key?

Rather than charging you, keys are generated after viewing advertisements, which supports the creator.